Track of the Day #869: Iain Howie – Leaf Syndrome

Iain Howie - Leaf SyndromeLeaf Syndrome‘ is the third and final pre-release single from Vancouver singer-song-writer/producer Iain Howie‘s forthcoming debut album ‘Patterns’ which is set for release on 11th June. It’s the most powerful track of the three releases, it’s melancholic and yearning, yet also quite a heartfelt offering.’Leaf Syndrome’ is an ambient, mellow slice of electronic, lo-fi pop that’s super easy-listening.

Speaking of the track, Iain Howie has said: “This track is a reflection on my relationships and of being in the confused, purgatory state of being in love. I always think about how easy it is for me to give relationship advice, but once I’m in my own, I’m fucked. Emotions are flying high and I don’t think straight, that’s what the song is about. It also happened quickly for me… Almost stream of consciousness. I just remember my intention was to write a decent pop song”

Listen to ‘Leaf Syndrome’ by Iain Howie below and keep up with him on social media via the following links:

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