Track of the Day #867: The Pleasure Dome – Pretty Picture

The Pleasure Dome - Pretty PictureBristol punk band The Pleasure Dome returned last week with their latest single ‘Pretty Picture‘, a frenzied, in-your-face offering with apt lyrics. ‘Pretty Picture’ is built to be played loud, it’s raw, hectic and with the energy the track exudes, I can only imagine just how well it would go down live.

Speaking of the track, singer/guitarist Bobby Spender has said: “Self love is important. It’s important for our mental health, our relationships and even to our dreams and ambitions. Sometimes you wonder if anyone will love you, first love yourself. “Pretty Picture” presents the idea of people’s desire to share their lives on social media, with their superficial sand castles soon lost to the scrolling tide.”

“Their carefully crafted content is gone in a moment – does this impact the self, is it healthy, is personal social media contrary to the reason we do it? It explores these ideas of narcissism by looking inwards at the self, the way we give meaning to our own image based on our experience, how we can be blind to aspects of our personality which are clear to others.”

Listen to ‘Pretty Picture’ by The Pleasure Dome below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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