Track of the Day #865: Ski Lift – Moaning Again

This lively, indie-rock track comes from London based guitar-pop band Ski Lift. ‘Moaning Again‘ is a charming track with euphoric riffs and, although it wears its influences on its sleeve, it’s an uplifting listen. It’s a melodic track that’s riff-lead and upbeat with the overall vibe contrasting the lyrical themes to an extent.

Speaking of the track, vocalist/songwriter Benji Tranter has said: “’Moaning Again’ is an internal conversation – I wrote it during a ‘down’ period, mentally speaking. I suppose I was trying to reason with myself, tell myself that it’s okay not to be okay – that your highs and lows are always relative to wherever your centre of balance is, emotionally.”

“Looking back through the original scrawl of lyrics, there were some darker moments in there that I left out. On this occasion we packaged it up, all-smiles, with an indie-rock bow on top! But even the smiliest, loveliest person can be secretly battling their inner demons.”

Listen to ‘Moaning Again’ by Ski Lift below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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