Instrumental: Vate – Neocontainment

This minimal, yet industrial piece of experimental, electronic music comes from Mexico based music project Vate. ‘Neocontainment‘ is an oddly satisfying listen that needs to be heard loud. It’s a spacious, minimal track where robotic stomps contrast the ambient, fuzzier intricacies. ‘Neocontainment’ somehow has both playful, fluid moments whilst being mostly static/clean. The track is taken from Vate’s new EP ‘The End Was Here‘.

Speaking of the track, Vate has said: “The world changed by force. The end was here and we were not ready. In an improvised way, we were prepared for the neonormal, which in newspeak means status quo.”

Listen to ‘Neocontainment’ by Vate below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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