Instrumental: Nous Alpha – Fox Hollow

This experimental electronic track comes from Nous Alpha, a collaboration between composers and producers Christopher Bono and Gareth Jones. ‘Fox Hollow‘ is a track that twists and turns for its duration switching between dream-like and nightmare-ish. It starts with static noise and unnerving sounds before the lucid melody that comes in which is a complete contrast that only makes the other instrumentation surrounding it more ominous.

Speaking of the track, Nous Alpha have said: “‘Fox Hollow’ is constructed to a very precise and minimal plan. Ten 30 second sections of groove from our jam sessions in the woods are hard cut against each other, and each section is made by Christopher Bono and Gareth Jones alternately. It was a fast and intuitive process. It’s a process-based composition that exposes the sound of the forest and the beauty of the electronics impeccably.”

Listen to ‘Fox Hollow’ by Nous Alpha below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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