Discover: Broken Links – Replicas

Southampton based dark, electro-rock trio Broken Links recently returned with this latest cut from their forthcoming third album ‘Conflict::States’ which is set for release next Friday (30th April). ‘Replicas‘ is a potent offering and definitely more in-your-face than previous track release ‘Pioneers‘. This harsh, industrial tinged track sees Broken Links at their most powerful yet.

Speaking of the track, Broken Links have said: “Identity is a beautiful thing. Have one. This a catch-all for anyone or anything wasting time plagiarising the identify of someone/something else or following some trend. What’s the point? It can’t be maintained forever, spend time creating your own identity. Anyone or anything fake, is exposed in the end”.

Listen to ‘Replicas’ by Broken Links below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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