Discover: Twin Diver – Sweet Sick

Sweet Sick‘ is a dark, moody cut of post-punk from Irish post-punk duo Twin Diver and the follow up to their first release of 2021 ‘Television‘. It’s a bleak track that’s filled with cold atmospherics and monotonous vocals that cut through the distorted guitars. ‘Sweet Sick’ is a bit more on the minimal side than their last single, but this track is punchier and still as hard-hitting.

Speaking of the track, Twin Diver have said: “’Sweet Sick’ is about boredom and existential dread. A lot of my friends who are also in their early 20s have talked about not knowing what they’re “supposed” to be doing with their lives. Trying to plan your life is a losing game at the best of times, but given the pandemic I think that feeling was exacerbated for many people, including us.”

Listen to ‘Sweet Sick’ by Twin Diver below and keep up with the band via the following links:

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