Instrumental: Walter Mmari – Echoes

Echoes‘ is the latest track from South Africa based solo electronic artist Walter Mmari! It’s an ambient, instrumental track that’s packed full of dreamy melodies and calming vibes. ‘Echoes’ is a mesmerising track from start to finish. The track vaguely reminds me of the album ‘The Airship’ by Port Blue (pre-Owl City project by Adam Young) as well.

Speaking of the track, Walter Mmari has said: “Every action creates a reaction and as with all of natures laws, they cannot be circumnavigated. Every thought creates a future reality, and these realities are like Echoes following us around. Our lives are what they are because of our thoughts, and these Echoes all have a half-life and must be endured. Listen carefully to your own Echoes and perhaps they will whisper back what is needed to steer you to where you need to be. We are all Time Travellers, enduring the Echoes, living in the present, and creating our futures.”

Listen to ‘Echoes’ by Walter Mmari below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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