Track of the Day #852: Dead Slow Hoot – Gesticulating Wildly

Dead Slow Hoot - Gesticulating WildlyThis ambient, post-rock track comes from Sheffield/London based band Dead Slow Hoot‘s forthcoming EP ‘A Kinder Kind’ which is set for release this summer! ‘Gesticulating Wildly‘ is a quite a mellow track to start with, beginning in quite a relaxing manner with gentle melodies and even string use. This changes mid-track as it becomes more chaotic, living up to the tracks name in ways, as it becomes more hectic and heavier towards the end.

Speaking of the track, the band have said: “This is about the need to put on a positive public face all the time, acting as if you’re doing well when really it’s a defensive tactic to prevent anyone from asking questions about what’s really going on. It’s sometimes impossible to deconstruct when you so badly want your external image to be real, and this was written in an attempt to be honest with myself in the hope that I could learn to be more emotionally forthcoming.”

Listen to ‘Gesticulating Wildly’ by Dead Slow Hoot below and keep up with the band via the following links:

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