Instrumental: Itta Nakamura & João Clemente – Meticulous Ink Strokes

This discordant noise-rock track ‘Meticulous Ink Strokes‘ comes from duo Itta Nakamura & João Clemente! ‘Meticulous Ink Strokes’ a dread-inducing track and one of the more melodic offerings taken from their latest EP ‘Haseru’. It’s a raw, disorderly track with an industrial vibe, but it sounds a lot better than that looks on paper. I’ve listened to the whole EP ‘Haseru’ which features this track and it’s just as chaotic, so if you like this, definitely give the whole thing a listen.

Listen to ‘Meticulous Ink Strokes’ by Itta Nakamura & João Clemente below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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