Discover: Palma Louca – Us and Them

Us and Them‘ is the latest track from Newcastle based indie-rock band Palma Louca and it’s probably the band’s darkest offering yet. It’s a mellow, laid-back track with pop-sensibilities despite the track being on the slower side for the most part. Buzzy guitar intricacies and piano parts finish ‘Us and Them’ off perfectly towards the end.

Speaking of the track Joe of Palma Louca has said: “’Us and Them’ focuses on the relationship between two strangers. Each verse presents the perspective of the two participants, demonstrating how infatuation can take a hold of someone. The track attempts to set an uneasy scene of obsession, culminating in a narrated bridge section.”.

“Our motivation behind this track stemmed from becoming tired of clichéd love songs. We wanted to engage the listener with a dark twist. We also enjoyed playing with perspectives, switching from character to character and then narrator. Instrumentally, we wanted to keep the song reasonably sparse to allow the vocals to be more impactful, focusing on a lot of deeper, bass driven elements to help project the darker narrative. Compared to a lot of our previous tracks, lyrics held more weight in directing the musical choices throughout.”.

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