Track of the Day #848: Team Picture – phantom limb

Team Picture - phantom limbThis fuzzy cut comes from Leeds based Team Picture‘s official bootleg album ‘Music For Hauntings: Vol 1’ which is set for release on 14th May 2021. ‘phantom limb‘ is the first track taken from this release and also the first release since the band’s debut album ‘The Menace Of Mechanical Music’ last year (one of our favourites of 2020!). The track is driven by a hypnotic riff and it becomes more frenzied as it progresses.

Speaking of the track, Team Picture’s singer/guitarist Josh has said: “’Music For Hauntings’ is the first in an (ir)regular series of Official Bootleg compilations. A musical journey through our murky past and into our glistening future. We got early singles, unreleased songs, creepy demos, bopping remixes and other oddities. It’s one continuous sound collage of japery and pretty much the greatest mixtape you’ve (n)ever heard. Go for a long-ish night-drive, stick ‘MFH:VI’ on Loud + don’t touch that shuffle button”.

Complimenting this release, there will also be a limited selection of hand-made CD’s created using recycled materials.

Listen to ‘phantom limb’ by Team Picture below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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