Discover: The Party Slogan – Southern Eyes

Southern Eyes‘ is a post-punk tinged, indie-rock track from Edinburgh based band The Party Slogan! It’s an energetic track that’s driven by raw, intense guitar parts and melancholy infused vocals. ‘Southern Eyes’ is an unruly post-punk track with bite. The track is taken from the band’s new EP ‘Don’t You Think You’re Being Lied To?’ which is set for release later in the year.

Speaking of the track The Party Slogan have said: “The lyrics are based on a fictional conversation between a member of the elite and their child. We wanted to try and place ourselves in the mindset of someone who was at the top of society and in their position through many generations of class, economical privileges and oppression. The child has realised the corruption in their circumstances, the fact they were being led into the status-quo and the ways the elite became successful.”

“The chorus of the track tells a story of capitalism and how the system legitimises these positions that will inevitably fall – which is essentially the powers of London. The line, “we want answers” will hopefully be a cry to the masses who have been oppressed by these individuals for generations.” 

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