Discover: Apricus – Ceremony

Ceremony‘ is the latest track from Nashville based indie-rock act Apricus! It’s a bit slower than I’d usually go for, but it’s a mellow track that has a lot of charm. Initially, ‘Ceremony’ starts off humble and unassuming but it builds and builds upon itself, changing pace towards the end. The original calming side of the track erupts into bleep-y synth use and chaos before collapsing in on itself.

Speaking of the track, Apricus has said: “It originally started as a melodic mantra that became stuck in my head. I’d find myself singing this melody with an “Ahhh” over and over thinking I’d eventually put lyrics too it. One morning on a plane ride with my wife, in a sentimental mood, I caught a wind of inspiration and wrote all the lyrics for the verses in a few minutes. The lyrics form a word collage that tells, in images and vignettes, the story of my life and marriage.”

“And the melodic mantra? I never did put lyrics to it. It became a melody for that rare and wordless feeling that you sometimes get when you take a step back from your life and see one single thread of story running through it all, the pain, the beauty, the heartache, and the triumphs, and all you can say is ‘Ahhh.'”

‘Ceremony’ is taken from Apricus’ forthcoming debut album which is set for release at some point this spring.

Listen to ‘Ceremony’ by Apricus below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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