Track of the Day #841: Crystal Cities – The Unknown

Australian dream rock band Crystal Cities returned today with their latest offering ‘The Unknown‘. The track is driven by a ferocious bassline that doesn’t let up and piano parts that wouldn’t be out of place on an early Keane track. ‘The Unknown’s chorus is soaring and breaks the track’s moodier side up. It’s an effortless listen and one of Crystal Cities strongest tracks yet.

‘The Unknown’ is the latest track taken from Crystal Cities forthcoming second album ‘Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight’.

Speaking of the track, lead guitarist/singer and songwriter Geoff Rana has said: “Where do we go when we sleep? Is sleep a gateway? A portal? Is it a chance for us to reconnect with the other side? Did we make some pre-arrangement that when we wake we will not remember these other worldly visits? Yet, some mornings we awaken with foggy recollections of our out-of-body journeys – an experience we call dreaming. It was this paradoxical sense of return to a place that was familiar yet unfamiliar that inspired ‘The Unknown’”.

Listen to ‘The Unknown’ by Crystal Cities below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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