Persistent Existence Announce Brand New Cassette Compilation ‘Home/Away’

Brighton/Portsmouth based independent cassette tape label Persistent Existence recently announced their forthcoming compilation tape ‘Home/Away Volume 1’!

‘Home/Away Volume 1’ is set for release on 23rd April 2021 and it features 19 tracks, mostly rarities, from some of the most exciting local artists and also those from further afield (even as far away as NYC and Vancouver).

This the first cassette compilation of many set for release by Persistent Existence, the releases will feature an interesting mix of artists from across a wide range of genres so there’ll definitely be something for everyone on them.

The track-listing for the ‘Home/Away – Volume 1’ cassette is as follows:

1. Highlights of Our Modern World – Gently Does It
2. Samuel Lee Diaper – Listen
3. Elliott Feltham – Launch
4. Transmigration – Betrayal
5. Igetbulliedbytheghostinmyattic – Skateboard Hockey
6. Casca – Cold Blue
7. Cronies – Little Kings Of Kansas
8. Stevenson – Compromise
9. Eddy Höek – Circus Lion
10. Jimmy Existence – Notion Of Being Unchained
11. Kristian Bell – Spotlight
12. Dom Munns – Lay It On
13. Benzo Fabulous – I Love His Face
14. Gillroy – I Don’t Care About The BBC
15. Looney – Hotline
16. Karim Newble – Head Case
17. Bloody Death – Team Building Exercises
18. Sam Wood – Untitled
19. A Solemn Song – Tag6

This cassette release from Persistent Existence is set to go on presale on Friday 2nd April 2021 and is a limited edition of 20 cassettes (10 yellow glitter/10 blue glitter). Edit: This is now on sale and there are only 7 copies left!

Be sure to keep up with Persistent Existence via the following links:

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