Track of the Day #838: Sofi Gev – Shakedown

Sofi Gev - ShakedownShakedown‘ is the third release of 2021 from American indie-pop artist Sofi Gev! It’s a dreamy synth lead track that floats along quite effortlessly, but it’s also a sparkly track that’s full of depth. ‘Shakedown’ is quite a euphoric track in ways, that’s catchy, yet elegant and has bite.

Speaking of the track, Sofi Gev has said: “Life sometimes feels like a sham, as if we are just running in place, trying to avoid getting played. It seems all you can do is stand on the edge and scream into the distance, believing there must be something better. But for now, rage will do.”

Listen to ‘Shakedown’ by Sofi Gev below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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