Track of the Day #830: Twin Diver – Television

Twin Diver - TelevisionHaving been forced into finding a new sound after being stranded with just a bass guitar and midi controller after the world close down last year, Irish post-punk duo Twin Diver have just released this banger of a debut single. ‘Television‘ is a track that wears its influences on its sleeves but it’s an expansive track that feels fresh and has a lot of depth. It’s a stark track with monotonous, yet compelling vocals that’s lead by atmospheric, shoegaze-y instrumentation and a super-melodic bassline.

Speaking of ‘Television’, the duo have said: “The track delves into how people want to feel special and the pursuit of that feeling. I think everyone has a strange thought process around needing to feel important, almost a case of not caring what people think of you as long as it’s you they’re thinking of. As people in general, we have a very precarious sense of self.”

Listen to ‘Television’ by Twin Diver below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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