Track of the Day #829: The Pretty Visitors – Western Skies

The Pretty Visitors - Western SkiesIndie-rock band The Pretty Visitors have just returned with their first track of 2021 and the follow up to last year’s banger ‘Head in the Sand‘! ‘Western Skies‘ is The Pretty Visitors self-professed “best track yet” and it’s one of their most melodic offerings with a witty monologue that prods at the mundanity of modern life. The chorus is what makes the track though, it’s powerful, bordering on anthemic, definitely one to be heard live eventually.

Speaking of the track, Connor from the band has said: “The song developed from a place of frustration and helplessness in the small towns where we live. I had an uneventful day and felt like I was walking around in something like ‘The Village Green Preservation Society’, so felt the need to write about small town life along with being late twenties, not knowing what I wanted to do or where I wanted to be.”

“As with everyone’s place they grew up in, it’s a love/hate relationship and I think this song articulates that, along with nuanced details that you can only notice about a place that you have so many memories attached to. Musically, everything just fell into place perfectly and effortlessly, which is always a good sign when we’re writing a song.”

Listen to ‘Western Skies’ by The Pretty Visitors below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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