Discover: This Coast Bias – keep this up

keep this up‘ is the latest track from ambient, lo-fi bedroom project This Coast Bias! It’s an indie-pop track at heart with a super-catchy chorus but ‘keep this up’ is also a very mellow offering. This aside, it’s also a very danceable track as well… It doesn’t sound like it would work on paper, but this “vast smorgasbord” is perfect and ‘keep this up’ is so infectious that you’ll end up with it on repeat.

Speaking of ‘keep this up’, This Coast Bias has said: “Eventually, when we turn on the gas, we’re going to run out of land to run to and have to face the heat. My parents always told me to never be the person that burns it all down and then throws a grenade in the room as they leave. This song is asking those people, ‘How long can you keep this up?’ You’re gonna run out of things to catch flame to eventually.”

Listen to ‘keep this up’ by This Coast Bias below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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