Track of the Day #818: Apteekii – Secrets

Apteekii - SecretsOn first listen, initially, I didn’t think much of this track. However, I thought it was vaguely tinged with something reminiscent of Everything Everything and this encouraged me to carry on listening. Thankfully I did because the outro is epic, I ended up getting this track in my head and it grew on me very quickly.

Secrets‘ by Lincolnshire based trio Apteekii is a track that needs listening to on repeat to fully appreciate it. The vocals add a unique edge to the track alongside the thunderous percussion. ‘Secrets’ has an anxiousness to it that makes it feel almost dystopian in ways. As previously mentioned, be sure to listen to the outro because the riff is addictive and thrilling enough to make you dance.

Speaking of the track, Apteekii have said: “‘Secrets’ is about the idea of living a lie, and the moment it all becomes too much to keep in. Musically it stems from a riff written when the trio first approached the idea of becoming a band 5 years ago, a project that was long forgotten until summer 2020.”

Listen to ‘Secrets’ by Apteekii below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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