Instrumental: Walter Mmari – Speed of Light

This intense piece of instrumental music comes from South Africa based solo artist Walter Mmari! ‘Speed of Light‘ is a commanding piece that’s lead by an almost tribal, hip-hop inspired beat as well as both delicate but then weightier piano parts. It’s a concise track that’s made up of layers of captivating instrumentation.

Speaking of the track, Walter Mmari has said: “We are all given a finite amount of time on this planet we call home. How we spend our time dictates how much we gain from this existence. A little known secret is that time slows down as one apporaches the speed of light. With this in mind, the faster we move, the more we do, the more we create, the longer our time on this Earth will be. It’s not the most talented that win any race, it’s the most persistent, disciplined, and the ones with the most grit that are remembered. Put on some speed in everything you do and watch the miracles start happening all around you.”

Listen to ‘Speed of Light’ by Walter Mmari below and keep up with him on social media via the following links:

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