Track of the Day #817: Jaws The Shark – Demon Dream

Jaws The Shark - Demon DreamLondon based Jaws The Shark has just returned with yet another banger and the first one this year in the form of ‘Demon Dream‘. The track sees the most cathartic offering from Jaws The Shark yet and it’s an in-your-face track from start to finish. ‘Demon Dream’ combines heavy, grunge-y guitars synonymous with Jaws The Shark’s already powerful blueprint and the harsh vocals finish the track off perfectly.

Speaking of the track, Jaws The Shark has said: “I had this recurring dream where I’m in a big house, with a wooden spiral staircase that leads nowhere, and this demon-like thing forces me to sing at its request. It scared the shit out of me and I would wake in a sweat.”

“The line: ‘Like a rudderless ship, you’re sinking, stuck inside your own head’, is a reference to the fact that with this being a dream and being asleep, you’re defenceless and at the mercy of the dream itself, it just has to play out until you wake up.”

Listen to ‘Demon Dream’ by Jaws The Shark below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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