Track of the Day #790: Rare Monk – Goodbye

Rare Monk - GoodbyeWhen bands mention a track is “reminiscent of Interpol” in their press releases, despite being a huge fan of the band, my first thought is always “oh no”. However, this release from Rare Monk is incredibly refreshing in comparison! This Portland, OR based band released their track ‘Goodbye‘ today and it’s the latest offering taken from their forthcoming album ‘Never Really Over’. ‘Goodbye’ is a chirpier offering than the band’s previous release ‘Statistic Vandals’, taking on an indie-pop groove. The perky guitar and bass parts really lift this track up as well.

Speaking of the track, Rare Monk have said: “Youthful birds needing a good productive kick out the nest to gain confidence or fail at flight. In an ideal world, we’d all get such a clearly defined point of success/failure. Instead in humanity, question and justify eternally. A case for the pro’s of a more dangerous world, or just a fun song about birds?”

Listen to ‘Goodbye’ by Rare Monk below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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