Track of the Day #789: Dead Naked Hippies – Curiosity (Dawn)

Dead Naked Hippies - Curiosity (Dawn)Our first track of the day of 2021 is the latest offering from Leeds based trio Dead Naked Hippies! ‘Curiosity (Dawn)‘ is a synth-lead track that’s a huge step forward for the band and sees them depart from their standard rock sound heard on previous releases. It’s a driven, danceable track with potent synth riffs and compelling vocals. This release also sees Dead Naked Hippies take on self-production for the first time, having learned everything from scratch during lockdown.

Speaking of the track, front-woman Lucy Jowett has said: “’Curiosity (Dawn)’ is a question of existence and purpose, how life shapes us & we shape it, and reflecting on it as if it were coming to an end. Society is so focused on moving at pace, achieving, doing, proving & sometimes it feels so ingrained into us, that this is the way we should be.”

“The video was captured in one shot – we were set on the idea of capturing a moment, much like a live show. On the day we put aside to film it, the video you see was the first & only full take we captured that day, it felt really special to approach in this way and was definitely a reaction to the lack of live performance in our lives this year.”

Listen to ‘Curiosity (Dawn)’ by Dead Naked Hippies below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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