Mix It All Up’s Top 15 Albums of 2020!

This year I’ve had too much time on my hands, which only meant one thing, time to listen to lots of albums in FULL. I’ve been putting this list off for weeks because, one, it’s always too early to post album of the year lists and two, I kept changing my mind and adding to this. However, I think I’ve finally settled on my top 14 albums of 2020! As I’ve said in other posts, this year has been absolutely fantastic for new music and the standard of albums released has also been top notch. I don’t normally do end of year album lists, I just do track ones so I turned this into more of an opinion piece and the words with them are just notes, not reviews. Here are 15 albums that helped get me through 2020. As usual, this list is not in order…

The Wants – Container

I still don’t know why I didn’t see The Wants when they played in Southsea last year. One of my biggest regrets of last year. However, I have absolutely rinsed this album over the past year and I’m still not sick of it.

Stand-out tracks? Ape Trap | Container | The Motor

For fans of: Post-Punk | Psychedelic

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Hi Frisco – Goodbye, Blue Monday

It’s no secret that we love Hi Frisco! Ever since they released their debut single ‘Snowfall’ last October, they’ve released banger after banger. I think they were continually featured on our ‘On Repeat’ playlist for about half the year on a one in, one out basis as well! This album shows exactly what the band are good at, creating indie psych-pop that stands out.

Stand-out tracks? Holiday | Quiet Lights | Echolalia

For fans of: Psychedelic | Indie | Dream-Pop

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Everything Everything – RE-ANIMATOR

I’m not the biggest Everything Everything fan, I’ve tried and I’ve tried with their music but it just didn’t happen… Until they released ‘RE-ANIMATOR’ which is pretty much amazing and there’s honestly not a bad track on this album.

Stand-out tracks? Lost Powers | Black Hyena | Arch Enemy

For fans of: Art-Pop | Indie-rock |

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Porridge Radio – Every Bad

Stand-out tracks? Born Confused | Sweet | Long

For fans of: Post-Punk | Lo-fi Indie |

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Bananagun – The True Story of Bananagun

Stand-out tracks? Freak Machine | Modern Day Problems | People Talk Too Much

For fans of: Psychedelic Rock

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Team Picture – The Menace of Mechanical Music

Stand-out tracks? Baby Rattlesnake | Handsome Machine | Quit Reading

For fans of: Psychedelic | Dream-pop

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JW Francis – We Share a Similar Joy

We’ve been fans of JW Francis’ music for a while so this album was highly anticipated. It lived up to all expectations and it’s such a fun, feel-good album! There’s also a tedious Portsmouth to JW Francis link… He recently signed to Sunday Best Records which is co-founded by Rob Da Bank who was born in the city.

Stand-out tracks? New York | Lofi | Everything

For fans of: Indie-pop | Dream-pop | Lo-Fi

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Working Men’s Club – Working Men’s Club

Stand-out tracks? Valleys | John Cooper Clark | White Rooms and People

For fans of: Post-Punk | Electronic | Synth-rock

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Car Seat Headrest – Making a Door Less Open

Stand-out tracks? Deadlines (Hostile) | Martin | Can’t Cool Me Down

For fans of: Indie | Lo-fi

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October Drift – Forever Whatever

Stand-out tracks? Cherry Red | Cinnamon Girl | Oh the Silence

For Fans of: Post-Rock | Alternative

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MJ Guider – Sour Cherry Bell

I went down a Spotify rabbit hole recently and came across this album on a whim but this sublime, experimental, dark-wave album is brilliant and I only wish I’d came across it before.

Stand-out tracks? Lowlight | Quiet Time | Sourbell

For fans of: Experimental | Dark-wave | Industrial

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Sorry – 925

Stand-out tracks? Perfect | As The Sun Sets | Starstruck

For fans of: Post-Punk

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Mint Field – Sentimiento Mundial

Stand-out tracks? Atterizar | Sentimiendo Mundial | Natural

For fans of: Psychedelic

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Muzz – Muzz

I really wasn’t into Muzz to start with, but their music grew and grew on me in the months after this album was released. Their livestream sealed the deal that this is one of the best albums of this year though.

Stand-out tracks? Red Western Sky | Everything How It Used To Be | Knuckleduster

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Another Sky – I Slept On The Floor

I saw Another Sky live at Dials Festival last year and started listening to their music a lot more afterwards. This album doesn’t have a bad track on it though and it’s hard not to be captivated by Catrin’s vocals.

Stand-out tracks? Fell In Love With The City | The Cracks | Avalanche

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