Discover: Yoo Doo Right – Marché Pt.3 (Ft. Jasmine Trails)

This serene, bass-lead track comes from Montréal based Yoo Doo Right and features utopian psych artist Jasmine Trails on vocals. ‘Marché Pt.3‘ is a a groovy track that’s both dance-y, feel good and yet somehow tranquil at the same time. Instrumentally, the track feels quite familiar, almost done before to start with, but once the vocals as well as the synth parts kick in, this gives ‘Marché Pt.3’ a welcome unique edge.

Speaking of the track, the band have said: “This track was our response to Mothland’s request for an irregular/b-side/demo that would put us outside of our usual comfort zones. With the thought of making a disco song, ‘Marche Pt. 3’ is what came out of it. We immediately knew we wanted to collaborate with Jasmine Trails on this track, adding her breathy, enchanted approach to the song. All in all, we wrote, recorded and finished the track in a couple of weeks.”

Listen to ‘Marché Pt.3’ by Yoo Doo Right ft. Jasmine Trails below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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