Discover: Pyx – Two Weeks

This shoegaze-tinged rock track is taken from Kent based Pyx‘s latest EP ‘Ode to the Sleepers’ which was released earlier this month. ‘Two Weeks‘ is a minimal track in ways that revolves around steady rhythms, chugging guitars and mellow vocals which are sat on top of wistful atmospherics. Although it’s quite an ambient track, the ending of ‘Two Weeks’ becomes anthemic, majestic even.

Speaking of the track, Pyx have said: “I wrote this song after watching Werner Herzog’s chilling and touching ‘Grizzly Man’ which tells of the tragic death of Timothy Tredwell, a devoted and eccentric conservationist who was tragically killed by one of the bears he was trying to protect, as was his girlfriend, Amie Huguenard, who was camping with him. They extended their trip by two weeks, hence the name of the track. Timothy believed he had bridged the gap between human and beast, and this amazing film for me falls within that age old tradition of remind us how powerful and indifferent nature can be.”

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