Track of the day #788: Rare Monk – Statistic Vandals

Rare Monk - Statistic VandalsPortland, OR based indie-rock band Rare Monk are set to release their second album ‘Never Really Over’ next Spring and ‘Statistic Vandals‘ is one of the first cuts taken from it. It’s quite a nostalgic sounding track for the most part that revolved around a melancholy riff. However, ‘Statistic Vandals’ has its more fuzzy, hectic parts that switch things up and crash through the otherwise humdrum vibe the track has.

Speaking of ‘Statistic Vandals’, Rare Monk have said: “Data collection, aggregation, and application to ad targeting/warrantless surveillance meets a new foe – a madman who intentionally googles things with no purchase intent whatsoever, who follows, then unfollows without cause, who encourage OPSEC for the fuck of it. Destroyer of datasets, forcer of manual outlier removal, analysts shake their fists in fury before existing no more.”

Listen to ‘Statistic Vandals’ by Rare Monk below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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