Track of the Day #787: AC Berkheimer – Joy

AC Berkheimer - JoyRotterdam based AC Berkheimer recently released this intense track ‘Joy‘! The track is full of fuzzy guitars, a shattering of thunderous, industrial sounds and hazy, almost dreaminess. ‘Joy’ comes to a grinding halt, this was threatened earlier on in the track, but the whole thing quickly bursts into the cathartic explosion that is the outro. We added this to our ‘On Repeat‘ playlist a couple of weeks back and it’s quickly ended up one of my favourite additions as of late. One to be played loud!

Speaking of the track, AC Berkheimer have said: “‘Joy’ tells about the feel of inner struggle while wanting to break with old habits but not ready to let go of these feelings so familiar. The pressure you put on yourself to make a choice is paralysing, everything pulls. You can only wait, save your energy, consider options while trapped in the midst of everything in complete disharmony with yourself. It takes a complete dismantling of everything you thought you knew to break free. The finale seems to want to wake you up. A wake-up call, to help you realise where you stand, that you exist, that you are.”

Listen to ‘Joy’ by AC Berkheimer below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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