Track of the day #786: Misha Ostrov – Does It Bother You?

Misha Ostrov - Does It Bother You?From solo project to three-piece band, yesterday Misha Ostrov returned with their third single! It’s more summery and riff-lead than previous Misha Ostrov tracks, but ‘Does It Bother You?‘ shows another side to their sound and this offering appears weightless, floatier even. Despite being more on the shoegaze/dream-pop side of things, the track still has its post-punk roots. ‘Does It Bother You?’ has darker/harsher edges, but these are short-lived. It’s a melodic, pleasant listen that’s catchy in parts and overall quite a turning point for Misha Ostrov.

Listen to ‘Does It Bother You?’ by Misha Ostrov below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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