Instrumental: Sam Fogarino – Walking Through the Fog

“A yellow warning of fog has just been issued” the Met Office app on my phone flashed up at me. Normally I’d ignore this, but it’s ironic because I was listening to ‘Walking Through the Fog‘ by none other than Sam Fogarino whilst trying to piece together the words to justify just how beautifully dark this composition is.

Coincidences aside, ‘Walking Through the Fog’ is a drone-y, ambient piece of instrumentation that walks a fine line between somber and dream-like. For the first five minutes it’s murky and dark with faint glimmers of hope making an appearance around the three minute mark. The track gradually breaks down, then all at once with its true colours shining through the atmosphere with waves of explosive chaos that bring the track to a close.

Listen to ‘Walking Through The Fog’ by Sam Fogarino below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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