Instrumental: Patrick J. Hagen – Halogens

Halogens‘ is a drone-y instrumental track from Brooklyn musician Patrick J. Hagen‘s latest EP ‘The Clear’! It’s a track that is underpinned by rumble-y rhythms but built upon by stark jabs of brief melodies here and there. The intricacies really make this track what it is though with the harsh, anxiety-filled brushes of atmospheric sounds complimenting the tracks name. This leads us onto the following, brief quote from Patrick J. Hagen about ‘Halogens’: “The worldwide pandemic has forced us into our homes for what seems to be and eternity. We have evolved into indoor creatures. The sun has been replaced by halogen bulbs.”

Listen to ‘Halogens’ by Patrick J. Hagen below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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