Discover: Dorvin Borman – I Know Your Secrets

Los Angeles based artist Dorvin Borman is back with yet another super-catchy, lo-fi offering, this time in the form of ‘I Know Your Secrets‘! The main melody throughout the track feels quite familiar, but it’s inviting and hooks you in regardless. Simple, yet effective. ‘I Know Your Secrets’ is an indie-pop track at heart that’s charming through and through.

Speaking of the track, Dorvin Borman has said: “‘I Know Your Secrets’ is about an unprecedented period of one’s loneliness–in which the narrator is stuck alone with themselves long enough to discover and ruminate on all of their own worst qualities on but also long enough to come to terms and empathise with these flaws.”

Listen to ‘I Know Your Secrets’ by Dorvin Borman below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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