News: Portsmouth’s Brutalist Records Officially Launch New Management Agency!

Portsmouth founded Brutalist Management and Agency Officially Launch!Portsmouth based Brutalist Records have just announced their new partnership with Shining Light Music, forming the exciting new venture,Brutalist Management Agency!

Born of out lockdown, Brutalist Management Agency is a new industry collective built on a policy of ethical music management/artist services that is set to be a facilitator for creatives and music business professionals alike.

Brutalist Records is a Portsmouth based, DIY cassette label that was formed 3 years ago by Sam Leadbeater (later joined by Adam Young) and has gone on to release many cassette releases from some of the best local artists.

Expanding beyond Portsmouth, Brutalist are now joined by North West based Natalie White (currently managing Document and Bleach Boy) and Olivia White (General Assistant at Killing Moon), as well as Newcastle’s Charlie Dancer, a promoter (among other things).

In this partnership Singing Light Music will provide marketing/distribution services to Brutalist Management Agency as well as a wealth of extensive expertise from two decades in the industry.

Brutalist Management Agency aims to support gifted artists regardless of whether they’re just starting out or an album into their career. Speaking of the new coalition, Sam Leadbeater has said: “Brutalist is first and foremost a space for both artists and industry members to blossom and develop. The point at which this is isn’t the priority, Brutalist no longer serves its purpose”.

The collective is set to offer services such as planning a release, PR/ media coverage, long-term strategies, social media/brand consultancy and more. Find out more about this exciting partnership Brutalist Management Agency via the links below:

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