Discover: Courting – Popshop!

This punchy, wit-filled track comes from Liverpool based post-punk band Courting! ‘Popshop!‘ is short but sweet, clocking in at just over two minutes, however, it packs a punch in that short time. It’s upbeat, it’s angular and it’s also insanely catchy. ‘Grand National‘ the debut EP from Courting is set for release on 9th April 2021 via Nice Swan Records.

Speaking of the track, Courting’s frontman Sean Murphy-O’Neill has said: “’Popshop’ is about the music industry, the idea of selling out and consumerism. The name is derived from Keith Haring’s store of the same name, and the idea that it is positive for your art to be consumed by a larger audience rather than only seen as something for upper class art collectors or something to buy for its future resale value. We’re also poking fun at bands writing the same song over and over again, and wishing that we could sell our bathwater like Belle Delphine.”

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