Discover: The New America – Going to the Races (Dressed like a Racist)

Today’s fuzzy banger comes from Bristol based post-punk quartet The New America! ‘Going to the Races (Dressed like a Racist)‘ is an angular, brash track that bumbles around in a frenzied manner. It’s noisy, cathartic and an explosive cascade of discordant noise sees this chaotic track out.

Speaking of the track, The New America have said: “‘Going to the Races (Dressed like a Racist)’ is a pat on the back for those who manage to remain shocked by the unapologetically normalised violence in the way we treat animals and each other. Showing that you don’t need to be a hooligan to be a racist and you don’t need to be a racist to be a hooligan. ‘…Races’ is a gentle reminder that sporting a top hat in the street isn’t a way to cover up being a thug to those under your feet.”

Listen to ‘Going to the Races (Dressed like a Racist)’ by The New America below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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