Track of the day #761: Scarves – Arrow

Scarves - ArrowThis raw, chaotic track is taken from Seattle based band Scarves album ‘Dinner Dates for the End of Days’! ‘Arrow‘ is quite a cathartic track, especially vocally but this is contrasted by its instrumentation. The guitars on this track are frantic but very melodic, almost charming in places! ‘Arrow’ isn’t exactly a recent track, but a couple of weeks ago Scarves released a brand new video for the song! If you haven’t given their album ‘Dinner Dates for the End of Days’ a listen and you like this, I highly recommend it.

Speaking of the track Niko Stathakopoulos from the band has said: “’Arrow’ is one of my favourite songs from ‘Dinner Dates for the End of Days’, and I think Sarah’s video really captures the emotionality of it. The track itself is probably the band at its most raw and wild, and when I first saw her proofs for the video I was blown away. Her artwork is so visceral and gorgeous, and it is a really incredible honour to see something so beautiful scored by something we made.”

Listen to ‘Arrow’ by Scarves below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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