Track of the day #759: Rila’s Edge – Coast

Rila's Edge - CoastThis brand new track from Guildford based band Rila’s Edge is their most anthemic, energetic offering yet! ‘Coast‘ is a melancholic offering that’s full of weighty guitars that are contrasted by the stripped-back parts and wistful vocals in the verses. I think I said this last time, but ‘Coast’ takes over as Rila’s Edge’s most promising offering yet!

Speaking of the track Rila’s Edge have said: “The lyrical content of the song is a positive message to push yourself to your full potential rather than ‘coast’ through life barely getting by. We can’t wait to play this one live, it’s either a set-opener or a set-closer.”

Listen to ‘Coast’ by Rila’s Edge below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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