Instrumental: SVVN – Currents

This incredibly peaceful slice of ambient instrumental music comes from SVVN‘s two-part ocean themed EP ‘Oceanum’. ‘Currents‘ is the third single taken from the EP and if I had to sum it up in one word, it’d be tranquil. The delicate glimmers of melodies interlock and overlap like waves on the shoreline for the duration of the track.

Speaking of the track SVVN has said: “For most of 2019, I traveled around the world for work. For November and December, I was in Costa Rica, exploring the country, recording audio samples from local destinations, and writing music as an audio journal for the trip. My wife and I rented a car and drove around the country, exploring small beaches only known to locals. We found a few places that genuinely felt like paradise on earth. The song’s music represents how peaceful it felt to be out of control and part of something greater happening in the universe.”

“I produced this song at a small concrete table by the kitchen in the little house where I was staying. I had instruments stacked against the refrigerator and had to record takes between the sounds of howler monkeys arguing over stolen fruit in the distance.”

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