Track of the day #740: Absofacto – Someone Else’s Dream

Absofacto - Someone Else's DreamSomeone Else’s Dream‘ is an energetic yet melancholic track from indie-rock musician Absofacto! It’s an incredibly charming track that is packed full of pop sensibilities and just general chirpy-ness that makes it so captivating. ‘Someone Else’s Dream’ is such an ear-worm and it gets even better with every listen.

Speaking of the track, Absofacto has said: “It’s about being literally trapped inside someone else’s dream, and wanting to break out and do your own thing even if it might end in disaster. I wrote it about a time where I looked around at my life and realised I was surrounded by decisions other people made… and ended up making massive changes in my life after.”

Listen to ‘Someone Else’s Dream’ by Absofacto below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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