Track of the day #738: Luutsön – Nössemark

Luutsön - NössemarkWhen bands open their pitches with “our song does not suck” or similar, it’s normally the case that said song does actually suck! However, this certainly isn’t the case with US based band Luutsön‘s debut single ‘Nössemark‘ which is four minutes of shoegaze-y, dream-pop bliss! It’s a hazy track full of feel-good, summery vibes.

Speaking of the track Seth Bostrom of Luutsön has said: “(Nössemark) is full of pure emotion with energy and pace. Digging into the closest relationships we have, and the ones we have lost, then jamming it through a car stereo super loud with our friends – or with tears welled up as we sit alone. That’s what this song brings out of us.”

“For me, personally, as I wrote it, all I had in mind were the two closest friends in my entire life. My wife and my dad (who passed a couple years ago). And with all that weight of emotion that was stored in me, I just wrote it out. “Nössemark” is a very small rural town in Sweden where much of my heritage comes from. This song really begins to scratch the surface for what is to come of this band.”

Listen to ‘Nössemark’ by Luutsön below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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