Track of the day #736: Bathe Alone – Curbside

Atlanta based multi-instrumentalist Bathe Alone recently returned with her latest track ‘Curbside‘ which is taken from her forthcoming debut album ‘Last Looks’! ‘Curbside’ is Bathe Alone’s heaviest offering yet combining more modest, darker parts with the tracks hectic, more intense side. Towards the end the track becomes chaotic with scratchy guitar solos which contrast the breathy vocals.

Speaking of the track, Bathe Alone has said: “Lyrically when I say curbside, it’s both a literal representation of when I used to skateboard and crashed into the curbside (resulting in road rash all along my hip, arms, hands, shoulder, head, and a fractured knee), as well as a metaphorical representation of any obstacle or challenge in life that stops you from succeeding and takes personal growth to overcome and stand back up again.”

“I love horror disguised with beauty. Personal growth can be a horrible experience while in it, but afterwards it’s also a great and beautiful thing.

Listen to ‘Curbside’ by Bathe Alone below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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