Brighton Bands You Need to Hear This Week – Part 2

Following on from two weeks ago, here is part two of our guide to Brighton based bands you need to hear this week!

We’ve covered plenty of Portsmouth music over the past few months, we’ve briefly covered Southampton’s music scene, but what about Brighton? Brighton has a vast music scene and when Coronavirus isn’t putting a dampener/hold on things, it’s a very much thriving city for gigs as well as festivals. So over the next month, we’ll be sharing some of our favourite Brighton/Brighton area based bands as there are some absolute gems we’ve discovered over the past year or so!

Find your new favourites below or in part 1 found here!

Public Body

In brief: Public Body specialise in creating frantic, in-your-face post-punk that’s full of angular riffs.

Latest release: Ask Me Later

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In brief: Currls create upbeat, indie garage-rock tracks which are both feel good and punchy.

Latest release: Let Down

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In brief: SLANT draw from both glam-rock and riot grrrl creating attitude-filled tunes with a playful edge. The band are set to return with their next single next week so watch this space…

Latest release: Haircut

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Tundra Love

In brief: Tundra Love create dark, melancholic slow-burners that build into epic, post-punk tinged tracks.

Latest release: Usurper

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In brief: GURU are a punk band who create raw and very much energetic bangers!

Latest release: Roses

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Skinny Milk

In brief: Skinny Milk are a garage-tinged, psychedelic punk duo who create hectic, riff-lead headbangers!

Latest release: Live at Bar Reneé

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