Discover: Kowloon – Life in Japan

This chilled out, lo-fi track comes from Los Angeles based musician/film-maker Kowloon! ‘Life in Japan‘ is a charming track and despite its more relaxing side, it’s got a beat that’s good enough to move to. The track also features a super funky, melodic bassline that helps to switch things up a bit and the synths add a complimentary, 80’s tinged vibe to the track.

Speaking of the track Kowloon has said: “Sometimes I feel like my city is a stranger – and yet it is the place where I was born and raised. But the city has changed, the world has changed, and so have I – and the place of my memories is an irretrievable world. Technological progress and the rise of the internet and smart phone have changed everything – and now I can look back on the city and world of my childhood and see it almost as a foreign land.”

Listen to ‘Life in Japan’ by Kowloon below and keep up Kowloon on social media via the following links:

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