Brighton Bands You Need to Hear This Week – Part 1

We’ve covered plenty of Portsmouth music over the past few months, we’ve briefly covered Southampton’s music scene, but what about Brighton? Brighton has a vast music scene and when Coronavirus isn’t putting a dampener/hold on things, it’s a very much thriving city for gigs as well as festivals. So over the next month, we’ll be sharing some of our favourite Brighton/Brighton area based bands as there are some absolute gems we’ve discovered over the past year or so!

Youth Sector

In brief: Youth Sector create angular post-punk that’s in-your-face, energetic and full of sharp riffs.

Latest release: Mundanity (EP)

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Winter Gardens

In brief: Winter Gardens are a dream punk band who create equal parts epic and captivating, hazy, shoegaze-tinged tunes.

Latest release: Zigzanny

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Nature TV

In brief: Soulful indie-pop band Nature TV make nostalgia-laced, melodic and jangly dream-pop with a wistful edge.

Latest release: Hometown

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In brief: LibraLibra have been on our radar for the longest of any band on this list, but they’re a fantastic live band whose music is dynamic, full of energy and most certainly in your face.

Latest release: Hail Mary (EP)

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Hive Society

In brief: Hive Society create drifty, hypnotic dream-pop which could be described as mellow and psychedelic.

Latest release: The Exchange/Warped

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Chappaqua Wrestling

In brief: Chappaqua Wrestling make fuzzy, melancholic grunge with a cathartic edge. Their sound is hazy, nostalgic goodness personified.

Latest release: The Rift

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