Track of the Day #717: Parker Lee – Drunk

Parker Lee - DrunkI passed this track by on first listen and I’m not sure how because it’s brilliant! This track is from York based band Parker Lee and it’s a gloriously dreamy, lo-fi offering. ‘Drunk‘ has a monotony to it, but it’s a nostalgia-laced track that drifts along effortlessly. ‘Drunk’ is the first track taken from Parker Lee’s forthcoming EP ‘Scrundle’ which is set for release on 4th September.

Speaking of the track, the band have said: “It’s about losing yourself in drink and new social connection – I was living with my ex at the time following our breakup, and feeling really isolated at home, going out to bars and getting wasted as a coping mechanism. The track aims to capture the bittersweet feeling of falling down drunk into bed once you’re alone again at the end of the night.”

Listen to ‘Drunk’ by Parker Lee below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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