Track of the day #714: China Bears – Statue Still

China Bears - Statue StillChina Bears were one of our favourite discoveries of festival season last year! The band returned last week with their latest single, ‘Statue Still‘ and it’s as epic as well as captivating as you’d expect from China Bears. This post-rock track has its moments of vulnerability amongst the urgency of the choruses. ‘Statue Still’ is taken from China Bear’s forthcoming EP.

Speaking of the track, Ivan from China Bears has said: “For me it’s like the feeling you get after you watch a great film in the cinema. The film is over and you now have to go home, but you just want to stay in that theatre and be in that world for a little while longer. You’re aware it’s over but you didn’t want it to end and you weren’t ready, so you’re just stuck in that in-between. You can’t stay forever though, and it’s better to walk yourself out than the ushers coming to remove you.”

Listen to ‘Statue Still’ by China Bears below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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