Portsmouth Gig Promoters of the Week! – Part 3

Following on from the last couple of weeks posts, here’s the third (and final, for now!) instalment of our “Portsmouth Gig Promoters of the Week” short feature!

Pre-lockdown, Portsmouth’s music scene was thriving with gigs popping up left, right and centre! This was all thanks to the variety of Portsmouth gig promoters bringing some of the best upcoming, touring bands and local bands together for brilliant gigs in the city.

Going to concerts at grassroots venues is one of the best ways to find your next favourite band and hopefully we’ll be able to do that again once it’s safe to do so! However, although there aren’t any actual gigs happening in Portsmouth at the moment, you can still support these promoters, who haven’t been unable to put gigs on thanks to Covid-19, by purchasing tickets to their gigs in the future!

Missed part 1 and two? You can read them here and here!

Flow Forever Club

Genres? A bit of everything! Indie rock, indie pop, shoegaze, experimental, post-punk, etc…

Bands they’ve brought to Portsmouth? Violet, Finnian James and Web

Other relevant ventures/Also Involved in? Flowvers (Portsmouth based indie-rock/pop band)

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Photos from previous name gigs:


Red Lantern Promotions

Genres? Indie rock | Indie pop | Alternative | Acoustic |

Bands they’ve brought to Portsmouth? DAZE and Jumanji

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Photos from previous name gigs:


Pie & Vinyl

Genres? A bit of everything!

Bands they’ve brought to Portsmouth? Gnoomes, Yak, Penelope Isles, Bear’s Den and many more… In-stores: Circa Waves, The Big Moon, Porridge Radio, Honeyblood, Hayden Thorpe, Pale Waves, Wire and many, many more…

Other relevant ventures/Also Involved in? Pie & Vinyl Record Store/Cafe and Castle Road/Record Store Day

Anything in the pipeline? Record Store Day – Drop 1 – 29th August

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Photos from previous name gigs:


Icebreaker (Formerly Pilot Promotions)

Genres? A bit of everything, quite literally. Especially regarding Icebreaker Festival!

Other relevant ventures? Icebreaker Festival

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Photos from previous name gigs:


Future Folk

Genres? Folk | Country | Roots | Americana

Bands they’ve brought to Portsmouth? The Day of the Rabblement, Tom Bryan, Yeeha Granma and more.

Other relevant ventures? Megan Linford (folk artist) and The Front Room (events)

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