Track of the day #707: TRAAMS – The Greyhound

TRAAMS - The GreyhoundWe don’t feature many overly long tracks, but this near 10 minute wonder couldn’t go amiss. TRAAMS have returned with their first music in four years in the form of this brand new track ‘The Greyhound‘. The track is a journey that starts off with a hypnotic, psychedelic riff accompanied by chugging, urgent guitars, gradually picking up the pace mid-track once the gritty vocals wear away. ‘The Greyhound’ then interchanges between chaos and monotony, split up with various jazzy intricacies. One of, if not the best track I’ve heard this month!

‘The Greyhound’ is the first from a three track collection set to be released by TRAAMS over the next couple of months.

Listen to ‘The Greyhound’ by TRAAMS below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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